Small Business Is Your Business!

I think it’s fair to say we’re facing times that we never thought we’d see, yet here we are. Schools are closed, sporting events cancelled, social distancing encouraged, near enforced. Restaurants are pick up or delivery only, alcohol can be also now be delivered which will greatly help our restaurants, and maybe a few parents that have suddenly been faced with becoming a home school “teacher” also. You may be asking yourself, what can you do for your community? As a small business, I have a couple of suggestions and even have a couple of solutions if you’re worried about the world finding out what your “real” hair color is.

Here we go, support local small business Order from the mom and pop restaurants, buy gift cards to use later and review that small biz on google, facebook & yelp. If you have stellar fodder and service give them shout outs like never before, and for goodness sake, follow them on every single social media channel they are on. Pretty please “like” and comment on their posts! All of the above will have a positive impact and force like you might not realize. Not only will it put some $$ in their pocket right now and possibly for the future too, but you know what it might do too? Help bolster their mood, lift their spirits and give them hope that they will get through this too. Everybody loves a big box store, and typically their digital footprint is huge, MASSIVE in fact. Typically the small biz owner is stretched so thin that their social media is a bit lacking, but man, what a difference it would make if everybody who came into contact with that local biz made a positive post on it after having used their service or bought their product!

Here’s how you can help us and we, Swish, can help you:

You have hair, you need hair product! We officially offer you contactless curbside pick up. No need to come in, order away, stock up to pick up. You may be confined to your homes, vegging on the sofa or cleaning out the closet but nothing,

NOTHING should stop you from having fabulous hair. Hey, we’ll even engage you with some how to videos whilst we’re home too. I know, seeing your favorite stylists live, in a how-to video maybe a bit too much to take right now but you know us well, we aim to please ;)

Gift cards, we have them and pretty much every.single.person you know could use one, right? Right! We’ll send them to you or your loved one for free, or you can pick them up curbside.

Root Touch Up Kits...worried your “natural sparkle” will gleam through, and that it's excited it finally has a chance to remain uncovered? We have you handled there too! We have some “root touch up” kits, just enough for your part & for your hairline for you! This color will not interfere with your normal coloring service unlike many over the counter “box color” AND will come with pretty much everything you need to get the job done, designed to get you through till you’re next in our chair. We’ll also send you a video guide so you know exactly how to use your kit! Did we mention that our kit would be made just for you? Yep, we are totally #soswish, and guess what?! Also available to you with contactless curb side pick up.