Up for a challenge? Well, consider yourself challenged!

Do we have a challenge for you? Why, yes we do & we think you’re going to have some fun taking the challenge too! Peaked your interest? Well good, here are the details. Swish is running a social media campaign…yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear ya but don’t check out just yet. See at Swish we want to show the world how amazing our clients are, yep I’m talking about you here. You’re already on social media, so instead of looking at other people showcasing their lives, we want you to showcase you & Swish, all at the same time! How? Glad you asked! We need reviews on all of social media platforms, we also need you to comment on & like our posts & we’d particularly LOVE it if you did a selfie & tagged Swish in it, like I mean really LOVE it. What’s in it for you? So glad you asked! We’re offering a reward, three precisely. Those rewards are:


  • $200   Grand Prize Winner: $100 Gift Certificate to be used on services along with $100 of                 product to boot. 

  • $100   1st Runner Up: $50 Gift Certificate to be used on services along with $50 of product

  • $50     2nd Runner Up: $25 Gift Certificate to be used on services along with $25 of product


How do you get entered in to win?


  • Like/Follow us on any & ALL of our SM platforms. You’ll get one entry per NEW like/follow for each platform. 

  • Write a Review on any of our social media platforms: You’ll get 10 entries for each review of 

  • Swish & 5 extra entries if you mention your stylist’s name

  • Like our posts! Whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook, “LIKE” away! - 1 entry for each individual like, whether it’s on a post or any comment.

  • COMMENT on our posts, even if it’s another guest that’s posted. You’ll get 2 entries for each comment

  • TAKE A SELFIE , take many! You can also DO A FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM LIVE SHOUT OUT! & post it on your page & tag Swish! You’re already doing it, so why not earn some entries! You’ll get 10 entries per selfie, & 20 entries per live, per tag for Swish & an extra 5 entries if you tag your stylist (yep that means you have to like their business page too!)


Here’s a list of ALL of our SM platforms & how to find us on them:


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Search for Swish Salon or go to:


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