It's St. Valentine's Day once again, the season of love & whether you have a significant other or not, we look forward to it & almost kind of dread it at the same time. "What if the entire office get's flowers & I don't?" "Chocolates again, don't they know I'm trying to lose weight?" There's an answer out there lovelies, it's called Limelight & when you promised yourself a "new you" for 2018 you shouldn't forget about your skin or makeup. It's part of that new you! Sway over to Swish & we can help you complete your vision for 2018. 

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We offer one on ones & makeup bag makeovers! We can also cater to classes & cover basic application to speciality looks, like mastering the cat eye look or taking your look from day to evening effortlessly. Give us a call & we can go from there!


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