Now At Swish...

...One size does NOT fit all!

You heard us, and you KNOW it to be true, whether it's clothing, cosmetics or brass busting haircare. 

Redken has given us three options, count them, THREE options to suit individual needs!


Graying, gray or that pretty white hair everybody drools over? No more "blonde" shampoo for you. We have a brightening, and yellow busting shampoo and conditioner for you, Redken Gradiant! 

Blonde hair, we've always got you covered! Redken Blondage is NOT like all of the other "for blondes" shampoo, it's haircare just for you! Brass busting, along with all of the yummy goodness that comes with Redken haircare products! 


...and introducing Redken's newest pigment depositing haircare line to the playground, we have Redken Brown Lights because you know, brunettes don't like that brassy hair either! 

Whether you're blonde, brunette, was a blonde, was a brunette and now graying? We totally have you covered, and we're happy to help you discover the line that best suits your individual needs!

Why Swish?

Adjective [edit]


Swish: (Britishcolloquial)

Sophisticated; hip; smooth. Attractive, stylish, impressively attractive and fashionable. 

"Her style is so swish."

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