As of 3/21/2020, we are temporarily closed for services...


...due to Executive, and State guidelines we have voluntarily made the decision to temporarily close in an effort to protect the health and well being of our guests and of our team members. It's not been an easy decision. We love what we do and enjoy serving our community for their beauty and grooming needs. It is however, the logical and ethical thing to do in an effort to "flatten the curve". The quicker we're apart, the sooner we can be together. We know you understand and we cannot thank you enough for your past, continued, and future support. Here's... you can help us, help you, to continue serving you:

Need your roots done?

We are currently taking orders for "root touch up" kits made just for you and ready for contactless curb side pick up. We have your formula, we know your hair concerns, and we can help you get through this "self isolating" and "social distancing" time. When the world is ready to reemerge, your hair is ready to rock till you roll into Swish to get it done in style. You'll be swishing that hair like you just stepped out of your favorite salon because you did. Our kits will consist of what you need to get the job done with detailed instructions and there'll be a "how-to-video" for you as well. 

Need product? New tools?

We are working on launching an online store with real-time product availability. In the meantime, call us or email us your order! We'll have it ready for you to pick up curb side at Swish without ever having to take a step inside. If you're really lucky and we hear you pull up, we'll even wave at you from the window ;) 

Gift cards!!

You, and every single person you know will need their hair doing when everyone emerges from hibernation. A gift card from Swish makes a great gift to a loved one...or perhaps a healthcare worker you know will need a treat when this is behind us. Again, we're offering contactless curb side pick up OR we'll mail it to you or your loved one at no additional charge. 

Social Media Is Life...Support!

In short:

  • Like us

  • Follow us

  • Review us

  • Tag us in your posts, when relevant of course

  • Comment on our posts

  • Share our posts

Just because we're all practicing "social distancing" doesn't mean we won't be social. It's quite the opposite in fact! You'll most likely be checking up on your friends and family with social media. Your support on these mediums for Swish will be life changing for us not only while we remain closed, but also when we're back open and delivering beautiful hair person!


What Swish Salon is doing:

Contactless Curb Side Pick Up...yep, it's a thing and we're ready for you! Product, hot tools, brushes, "root touch up kits", gift cards, we're at your service! There will be certain days and times that we will be onsite to leave your product on our porch, so you'll be sure to have a day/time that works for you!

Videos, and Facebook Lives:

We'll be posting "how-to" techniques and looks for you on our Facebook page and on our blog (yes, we have one!) We will ALL have quite a bit of downtime on our hands, and let's be real, there's only so much "Netflix-ing" you can do. So let's work on you! Start a wishlist of what you'd like to see and send it our way and we'll make it happen. We'll make it fun, informative, and you'll get to see some of the Swish Team too! What's not to like?!

Education is power! 

The beauty industry is one of the most industrious and empowering professions there is. Did you know virtual hair shows, full of our industry game changing manufacturers, will be taking place over the next few weeks? Some of our industry's leaders are already forming online classes to keep stylists engaged, on their game, and ready for re-launch. As a team, we're already planning our digital education schedule for these next two-three weeks. We might be in our pj's as we learn...possibly... but we'll be prepared with the latest looks and techniques to get your hair ready for the real world once again. 

Why it's SO important to shop local:

We know you've heard just about every single small business say this to you before, "Shop small! Shop local!" Here's why it's so important. Small businesses just like Swish make up for over 49% of the economy! That's pretty amazing isn't it? We may be "small" but together, we are mighty! We need your support all of the time, especially right now, and we're here to serve you in the meantime! You'll be supporting your community so that your community can support you! #winwin

What we know about our community:

We've said it before and we'll say it again, as is often the case when faced with tremendous adversity & stress, the community does & always will, pull together & triumph. This will be no different. In the oncoming days and weeks we will see people from all over the world and many within our community, innovate, engage, aid and problem solve like never before. It might look like Covid-19 has come to derail us and our thriving community but it doesn't stand a chance against ours. 

Stay home, stay healthy, and we'll see you soon!


Guest and Swish Team safety

Questions, or to reschedule:

CALL: 972.292.8127