Kerry PC At Swish Frisco

Kerry Parish-Campbell

Founder & Stylist

  • Red & Brunettes | Gray Coverage | Bobs & Layers
  • Tu-Th 9-3 | Fr 11-5

Meet Kerry, our fearless leader and stylist behind the chair, who is originally from Cambridgeshire, England, where she trained in hairdressing. With a keen eye for style and a heart dedicated to cheerleading others, Kerry doesn't just love creating beautiful hair; she cultivates a nurturing environment where creativity thrives and mentors our associate stylists. At Swish, you'll find more than exceptional hair care—you'll discover a community fueled by Kerry's unwavering love for the industry and genuine care for everyone who walks through our doors. Outside Swish, Kerry enjoys self-development books and podcasts, puttering around the garden, re-watching Ted Lasso, and trying to keep up with her husband's jokes.

  • Why did you become a hairdresser?
  • It seemed to come quite naturally as I began my training. My original goal of being a makeup artist faltered when I realized the competition and work available for on-set makeup artists were insanely stiff back in the UK. I fell into what felt like a great fit for me; hairdressing also has a social aspect to it that I jibe with, both with guests and team alike.
  • Sips & snacks
    • Coffee or coke - I know, that's bad! Hot fries, salt and vinegar chips, Swedish Fish, and, of course, yummy water and fresh fruit...HA!
    • Three things someone may not know about you
    • 1. I love big city life and quiet country life almost equally; I should have been born a Gemini. It causes quite the conundrum of "where should we holiday?"
    • 2. At any event, my table is typically the "fun table." It's for sure always the loudest
    • 3. My parents were unsure if I'd become a beauty industry professional or a florist. It's not unusual for there to be fresh flowers on my table at home; it's just my flower arranging skills haven't developed much past grade school
    • Who runs the house?
    • Two terrier mix dogs, Bentley and Cooper, and our token big girl dog, Maggie, all rescues. The boys are unrelated, but if you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side, they could be brothers from another mother. Bentley, a Jack Russell mix, who's aka "Little Napoleon," and Cooper, aka "sunshine in a dog," if he's awake, his tail's a-wagging; Maggie is the sweetest German Shepherd gal who's just here for the ride, and to howl at the EMS sirens. Oh, & there's Charlie, too, my sweetheart & relentless comedian.